If you didn’t know before the Covid-19 pandemic, you likely learned quickly that cats make for very entertaining co-workers. The countless videos that went viral showing cats and their silly antics during Zoom meetings are documented proof of this truth.

But is there something more beneficial to us humans than the entertainment aspect of cats being integrated with our professional lives?

The answer is yes!

Working with cats is on the rise

Many who returned to the workplace after the pandemic found their companies embracing the idea of a pet-friendly workplace. And it was almost impossible not to notice the many benefits of working with cats.

Cats in particular stand out as unique and intriguing work companions. While dogs might be known for their loyalty and enthusiasm, cats bring their own brand of charm and tranquility to the office space.

Club Cat Franchising | The Benefits of Working with CatsBenefits for employees and employers

Stress Reduction

It’s no secret that interacting with animals has been proven to have a calming effect on humans. The gentle purring and soft fur of a cat can instantly melt away stress and tension, providing a soothing presence during busy workdays. Studies have shown that spending time with cats can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety levels, leading to a more relaxed and focused mindset. Why would working with cats be any different?

Boosted Morale and Creativity

The presence of cats in the workplace can foster a positive atmosphere and boost morale among employees. Their playful antics and curious nature can lighten the mood and encourage social interaction among colleagues.

Increased Productivity

Many cat parents find that having a cat nearby actually increases their productivity. The rhythmic purring of a cat can create a sense of comfort and companionship, helping employees stay focused on their tasks. Taking short breaks to pet or play with cats can also provide a mental reset. We return to our work with renewed energy and concentration. And companies find they are more likely to attract, engage, and retain employees with pet-friendly workplace policies.

Improved Employee Well-beingClub Cat Franchising | The Benefits of Working with Cats

A pet-friendly workplace demonstrates employers are committed to employee well-being and work-life balance. For cat parents, being able to bring their feline companions to work eliminates the stress of leaving them alone at home and ensures that they receive the attention and care they need throughout the day. This can lead to greater job satisfaction and loyalty among employees, as they feel valued and supported by their employer.

Enhanced Workplace Culture

Incorporating cats into the workplace can cultivate a unique and inclusive company culture. Cat-friendly policies promote a sense of camaraderie among employees, fostering bonds that extend beyond professional relationships. Shared experiences of caring for and interacting with the office cat can create lasting memories and strengthen team dynamics.

Benefits outweigh the potential snags

Of course, introducing cats into the workplace requires careful consideration and planning. But the benefits they bring far outweigh any potential challenges. From reducing stress and boosting morale to fostering creativity and improving employee well-being, working with cats can create a more enjoyable and productive work environment for everyone involved.

Wait, your employer doesn’t have a pet-friendly workplace policy? Send them this blog post and set up a meeting with Human Resources to talk about the many benefits of working with cats and dogs!