Our Business Approach

Club Cat was designed to minimize stress for both cats and cat parents alike while kitties are in our care. The only way for us to do this is to understand what these stressors are in the first place.

Cat Parent Stressors

Cat parent stressors

After interacting with hundreds of cat parents, the common thread is that cat parents who are separated from their cats miss them. A lot! Cat parents also want their cats to receive the type of love and care that they would otherwise receive if they were at home with them. Their greatest source of stress is that kitty will not feel comfortable like s/he does at home and that kitty will, in turn, be stressed out and discontented.

Club Cat Franchising | Our Business Approach

Cat stressors

Unlike dogs, cats are easily stressed when put in new environments. When stressed, their immune system can be compromised and certain viruses that are dormant in them can be triggered. For example, infection with Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) is common and affects greater than 90% of the cat population. Keeping kitties calm through appealing sounds and visual stimulation such as birds chirping and bees buzzing can help distract kitty and reduce stress.

Club Cat Franchising | Our Business Approach

Creating a stress-free environment for cat parents

Cat parents want reassurance that their kitties are not just existing but are thriving while they are away from home. This comes by way of custom crafted postcards from their kitties replete with adorable photos & videos, watching their kitty from afar via webcam, engaging in video chats with their kitties, and timely email and text message responses from the humans taking care of them. They also want to know if kitty is eating, sleeping, drinking, and excreting.

Club Cat Franchising | Our Business Approach

Creating a stress-free environment for kitty patrons

There is a reason most cats hide when you take out their carrier: most of the time, it means they’re going to the pet clinic. While our veterinary medicine professionals are heroes for keeping our pets healthy and alive, the environment is stressful for our feline companies who associate clinics with scary sounds, yucky smells, and pesky prodding.

Club Cat recognizes this reality and deliberately offers services designed to create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, comfort, and trust. 

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Creating a stress-free environment for Club Cat teams

Equally important is that Club Cat teams feel confident in their skills, knowledge, and abilities to successfully take care of kitties who stay at Club Cat. And that they feel safe performing these tasks. Whether dedicated team members are cuddling kitty guests or scooping their litter box.

Simply put, cats have long memories. Club Cat believes in focusing on the services that minimize stress and maximize profits.