Deciding between boarding your beloved cat or hiring a pet sitter? It can be a tough choice for cat parents. Both options come with their own set of considerations. What works best for one cat might not be suitable for another.

Benefits of using a pet boarding business

  • Club Cat Franchising | Pet boarding business or pet sitter? What’s best for your feline friend?Personal Care All Day: Boarding facilities typically have trained staff members who understand cat behavior and can cater to their individual needs. From feeding schedules to playtime to monitoring kitty for any signs of sickness or injury, your cat’s routine is maintained under professional supervision. All day – not just for 15-20 minutes per day when someone stops in to feed your kitty.
  • Ongoing Interaction: For sociable cats, boarding can provide the chance to interact with people, which can be enriching for their well-being. Whether you have a shy or bold cat, a 2017 study showed that the majority of domestic cats prefer human interaction over food and other stimuli.
  • Safety and Security: While you’re gone, what happens if there is a house fire? Unless your pet sitter is staying at your house all day and night, will they even know? What about an earthquake? A reputable boarding facility will prioritize safety and security, ensuring that cats are kept in a secure environment with proper supervision and emergency evacuation plans. This can be reassuring for pet owners who worry about their cat’s safety while they’re away.

Benefits of a using a pet sitter

  • Familiar Environment: Cats are creatures of habit and can become stressed when their routines are disrupted. With a pet sitter, your cat can remain in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells.Club Cat Franchising | Pet boarding business or pet sitter? What’s best for your feline friend?
  • Immune System Stays High: When kitty is at home, he is generally less stressed which means his immune system is working at its highest level. There is no guarantee that a pet sitter won’t be exposed to another sick animal she is caring for which could impact your kitty. But if that happens, kitty’s immune system will be in the best position to fight it off.
  • Convenience: With a pet sitter, you can avoid having to deal with coaxing your kitty to get into her pet carrier! Another plus is you don’t have to wait to come pick your kitty up when you get home late at night.

Factors to consider

  • Your Cat’s Personality: Is your cat sociable and adaptable, or do they get scared easily? Their personality can help determine which option is best suited to their needs.
  • Loud Noises: Consider a pet boarding business like Club Cat that exclusively boards cats so the environment is quiet and less stressful. This should help kitty’s immune system remain high should she be exposed to anything.
  • Length of Absence: The duration of your time away can influence your decision. For short trips, a pet sitter might suffice, but for longer absences, boarding could provide more comprehensive care.
  • Health and Special Needs: If your cat has specific medical needs or requires special attention, such as subcutaneous medication administration, a well-trained pet sitter with experience in cat care might be the best choice.

Whether you opt for the structured environment of a pet boarding business or the personalized care of a pet sitter, the most important thing is ensuring that your feline friend receives the attention, love, and care they deserve while you’re away.

And here’s a little tip: a truly caring pet boarding business will tell you if your kitty is a better candidate for a pet sitter. We do at Club Cat. And we know pet sitters that do the same.