Club Cat Franchising FAQs

Everything you need to know about franchising with Club Cat

What are the startup costs to open up a Club Cat franchise?

The startup investment to begin operation of a Club Cat franchise ranges from $302,660 to $439,265. This includes the initial franchisee fee of $35,000. Startup costs vary depending on a variety of factors including your facility size and number of suites, construction costs and other costs in your local market. A breakdown of these startup costs is available in our latest Franchise Disclosure Document.

What are the revenue opportunities for Club Cat?

Club Cat offers three types of income streams.

Boarding revenue is the primary source of revenue for Club Cat franchisees. This is our core competency. Add-on salon services such as Fur Therapy and CatChats that are fun and safe to execute are a secondary source of income for Club Cat franchisees. Merchandise sales are a tertiary source of income for Club Cat franchisees. Additional information can be found in our latest Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). 

Why don’t Club Cat Hotels & Resorts provide a full Grooming experience for cats?

Club Cat intentionally does not offer grooming services for three  reasons: 1) Most veterinary medicine professionals believe that outside of medically necessary reasons, shaving cats is unnecessary in most cases and can even be harmful to cats. 2) Shaving and bathing kitties only creates further stress for them which goes against our core mission and creates a scenario where cats associate Club Cat with stress like they do at the pet clinic. Stressed out cats have an increased chance of getting sick due to lowered immune systems. 3) The safety of our cat patrons and team members is our first priority. The reality is that there are not a lot of cat-only groomers  because it is not easy to perform grooming services on cats who are scared of loud sounds, new environments, and being prodded by strangers and the demand is far less than it is for dogs.

In keeping with our mission which is to minimize stress and optimize cat health and safety, we offer services that do not have potentially adverse impacts on cats. Our philosophy is that grooming services such as shaving and bathing, because of the potential risk involved for both kitty and human provider, should be provided at pet clinics under the supervision of veterinary professionals who are the most qualified. This same philosophy is also why we do not give kitties medicine that requires injections, especially given states like California mandate that said services be provided under the supervision of an in-house veterinarian.

Where can I open a Club Cat?

Club Cat is accepting franchisees in most every states. Contact us at for details about opportunities. 

Do I need previous experience working with cats?

No previous experience working with cats professionally is necessary to become a franchisee. Ideal candidates are cat parents and / or enthusiasts who love to learn and apply that knowledge to make their own Club Cat Hotel & Resort the best that it can be for our customers.

Can I own multiple Club Cat Hotels?

Yes! Multiple units are available and allow franchisees to create economies of scale and maximize service and profit. Contact us at info@clubcatfranchising for more information.

How can I get started?

Contact us at

Are semi-absent franchise opportunities available?

Yes! A semi-absentee franchise model is possible for Club Cat franchisees after franchisees reach certain milestones. As very motivated, dedicated business owners, you will naturally want to be at Club Cat as much as possible as you build your local business to cultivate long-lasting customer relationships that will yield long-term success. After all, the average cat lives for 13-14 years and cat-owning households keep an average of two cats. Loyal customers talk to other pet parents. In addition, pet clinics and shelters focused on cat care are always looking for reputable service providers. Building these foundational relationships with customers and the greater community takes time.

Our inaugural franchisees are in a very unique, advantageous position that franchisees in more established brands are not in. You will be the cornerstone of building the future Club Cat franchisee culture and best practices for future franchisees which means being hands-on will be instrumental as Club Cats expand across North America.