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Club Cat is a boutique luxury hotel and resort exclusively designated for the overnight care of domestic cats. As a high-end alternative to traditional cat boarding, Club Cat provides more than just a safe and clean environment for cats; it also promises a five-star customer service experience for both cat and cat owner alike.

Club Cat suites come in Standard and Deluxe sizes ranging from 3 ½ ft x 3 ½ ft wide x 8 ft tall to 5 ft x 3 ½ ft wide x 8 ft tall. A private balcony dons the top of each suite. All suites come with a glass front door so kitty can see inside our cat hotel.

All kitty patrons watch our CatFlix (videos) from their suite. All cat parents have the option of watching their kitties from anywhere in the world on a device 24/7/365 via their own cat’s dedicated web cam.


While in Club Cat’s care, kitty cat patrons receive the type of authentic love, care and attention they’re used to at home – and more. To achieve this, Club Cat boasts a wide array of novel services, amenities, and entertainment uniquely tailored to meet each kitty cat’s own unique personality and preference. Cat parents can close the distance by staying connected to their beloved pets 24/7 while they are away through webcams dedicated to your specific kitty’s suite and scheduled CatChats, video calls so kitty cats and parents can reunite across the miles.

Amenities offer an additional stream of revenue for franchisees.

Salon Services

Club Cat intentionally provides services designed to enhance a kitty’s stay, not create more stress for kitty. Shaving and bathing cats are not grooming services we provide by design for two reasons: 1) It creates additional stress on kitties and 2) It is unnecessary unless for medical reasons according our veterinary medicine advisors and experts. Rather than requiring Club Cat franchisees to spend a lot more money and time on unnecessary, stressful, and potentially dangerous grooming services, we focus on services that de-stress our kitty guests and leave the grooming to the experts.

Fur Therapy –Gentle brushing session that remove unwanted fur.

Derriere Trims – Removing that pesky fur around kitty’s tushy.

Pawicure – Gently trimming and massaging kitty’s claws.


Happy Hour – Kitties spend the hour in our stimulating playroom (same family kitties only).

CatChat – Prescheduled video chat sessions between cats and their cat parents.

CatCast – Cat-themed videos designed to capture and entertain our curious kitty guests.

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