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Photo credit: Club Cat Irvine, California

Club Cat Franchising provides franchise opportunities for the Club Cat brand. Club Cat is a boutique luxury hotel and resort exclusively designated for the overnight care of domestic cats. As a high-end alternative to traditional cat boarding, Club Cat provides more than just a safe and clean environment for cats; it also promises a five-star customer service experience for both cat and cat parent alike.

While in Club Cat’s care, kitty cat patrons receive the type of authentic love, care and attention they’re used to at home – and more. To achieve this, Club Cat boasts a wide array of novel services, amenities, and entertainment uniquely tailored to meet each kitty cat’s own unique personality and preference. Cat parents can close the distance by staying connected to their beloved pets 24/7 while they are away.

Founded by a lifelong cat parent whose goal is to give fellow cat owners peace-of-mind when separated from their cats, Club Cat is committed to providing the highest level of service, comfort, and entertainment for each of its kitty cat patrons. Club Cat’s flagship hotel is located in Irvine, California.