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Club Cat Franchising | Owner Profile

You love cats. You love how you feel when you’re with cats.

Cats love you.They love how they feel when they’re with you.

Being passionate about cats is an absolutely necessary starting point for any prospective Club Cat franchisee. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a Club Cat franchisee is for you.

We are seeking the right humans to become inaugural franchisees. Why? Because your success – and ultimately our success depends on this critical and symbiotic relationship.

There is no requirement such as minimum number of years working with cats, education level, or years of business experience. However, there are some key indicators that can help inform whether or not we’re a fit.

If you are genuinely interested in learning more about what it takes to be a Club Cat
franchisee, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I believe cats deserve to stay in a safe, quiet, non-stressful, loving environment when their parents are away?

Does genuinely helping others appeal to me?

Do I feel motivated to fill a gap in cat-only care boarding services?

Am I a self-starter who does not rely on others to get my goals and the tasks necessary to achieve my goals done?

Do I enjoy learning new things?

Am I a team player?

Do I have the desire and patience to teach others on my team how to succeed ?

woman with red face mask holding a dog in each arm
woman with big green bow in hair holding a white and gray striped cat

Do I enjoy interacting with people?

Am I flexible when things don’t go a certain way?

Am I motivated by new challenges?

Do I want greater flexibility in my professional life?

Would my friends and family characterize me as highly responsible, hardworking, and ethical?

Am I comfortable taking calculated risk?

Do I pour my heart and soul into my work?

Do I want to make money doing what I love?

If you found yourself saying, “Yes!” to these questions, we want to speak with you.

Club Cat Franchising | Owner Profile

Teachable, motivated, flexible.


Listens intently to feedback from customers, fellow franchisees, and franchisor. 


The result of knowing Club Cat customers have a 5-star experience. 


Love for cats, genuine desire to help others.


Instinctively ethical and honest. 


Adept at juggling multiple projects simultaneously.


Moves the business forward by improving business operations to retain customers, attract new ones, and increase bottom line.


Believes running a successful business is a marathon not a sprint. 


Desires to continually improve upon oneself by learning from mistakes and taking calculated risk. 


Is very comfortable learning to use technology. 


Craves something more meaningful to do with professional life.


Strong communication skills.


Sees opportunities to create more value for cats and cat parents
– and Club Cat franchisees.