Why Club Cat

blue eyed white cat with head on paws

Inaugural opportunity yields greater impact

Join at the inaugural level of our expansion as one of our first ten franchisees and have greater impact on the future of what will one day be the most successful luxury, cat-only boarding franchise in North America.

Club Cat Franchising | Why Club Cat

Minimized cost and risk

Our focus is on luxury boarding services so that cats are the least stressed. This means much lower buy-in costs (30% less!) than our competition, no special licenses that require annual training and fees, and a lot less risk of injury and liability for owners and staff.

person with stethoscope on cat's belly

Recession proof and pandemic proof

A brand new business concept a inception that launched in March 2019, exactly one year before the Covid-19 pandemic crippled business travel and the economy, Club Cat Irvine is winning recipe that overcame major hurdles like the pandemic and an economic downturn and remains a profitable business.

white cat scrunching its face while a hand holds food for it

Proven business model

Club Cat’s business model has been conceived, implemented, and refined in the highly competitive environment of Southern California’s pet boarding industry.